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Q: What is Bundle?
Bundle is a little bit dog, and a little bit cat. And you’ll have to read the book to find out more! :)

Q: Are you going to write another book about Liesl & Po?
Sadly, no. I feel I’ve really told their story.

Q: Who was Liesl modeled after?
Liesl is modeled after me, a little bit, except that she’s much better behaved than I ever was, and her hair is also much nicer!

Q: What is your favorite genre of book?
I like books that take you from the real world into the world of fantasy, like C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I like books with a little sprinkling of magic in them.

Q: What gave you the idea for Liesl & Po?
The idea for Liesl & Po came from a personal place of grief. I lost a very dear friend, and was thinking a lot about ghosts and messages to the Other Side.

Q: How many days does it take to think of a good book title?
For me? Many days! Some people are really good at titling books, but I stink at it.

Q: Is Po a ghost or a shadow?
A ghost!

Q: What is it like to be an author?
It’s great! I get to go to work in my pajamas, and spend all my time imagining things.

Q: Are you going to make more books? Will this be a series?
I am definitely going to write more books, but Liesl & Po won’t be a series. My next book for this age group is called The Spindlers, and it comes out in Fall 2012. It’s very good though, I promise!

Q: Why did Liesl’s evil stepmother lock her in the attic?
Because she’s EVIL, of course!

Q: Why did you make a theme song for Liesl & Po?
A friend of mine, a musician, volunteered to write the song for me, so I said yes.

Q: Will Liesl & Po be made into an audiobook?
YES! And guess what? It’s narrated by the guy who did the Harry Potter books! You should listen.

Q: Are you working on a movie?
Not yet . . . keep your fingers crossed for me.

Q: I love this book. But how do you come up with some of the magic in this book? It's amazing!
I just thought of the kind of magic I would want to make, if I were an alchemist!

Q: What do Liesl, Will, and Po look like? Like their hair or eye color. Can you describe it?
Liesl has long, straight dark hair, large brown eyes, and a heart-shaped face. Will is pale, skinny, and he has very unruly black hair. Po looks like a shadow, if the shadow were made of liquid and stood upright!

Q: I read the book and was wondering if the magic in it is dark or good magic?
Like many things in life, it is actually both, depending on who is using it and for what purpose.

Q: Why should this book not be a series?
I never say never, but I do think I have really wrapped up the story of Liesl and her friend Po very nicely. I'm not sure I see HOW to write a series.

Q: My name is Liesl too! Where did you get the name?
Ha how funny! I just like it, that's all, and it seemed to fit.

Q: Why did the alchemist keep calling Will useless?
Because he’s a meanie!

Q: What is the main idea in this story?
I am not sure. What do you think the main idea is? It might have something to do with the fact that there is always joy and beauty that grows out of very dark times.

Q: What year was Liesl & Po set?
I deliberately chose not to specify it, but I am thinking somewhere in the late 1800s or very early 1900s.

Q: Who was Po modeled after?
Po really wasn't "modeled" after anyone. Po kind of just appeared in my head, much the way the ghost appeared in Liesl's room!

Q: How long did it take you to write Liesl & Po and did you have to do any major revisions, one finished?
Liesl & Po took approximately three months, which was very fast for me. I did no MAJOR revisions, but I did revise for several months after completing the first draft.

Q: Do you wish to see a ghost?
It depends on whether the ghost is friendly or not! I might like to see the ghost of a friend or someone I had loved, yes.

Q: How did Po die and become a ghost?
I am not telling you! :) You must use your imagination.

Q: Who sang the theme song for Liesl & Po?
I am actually not sure, but she has a beautiful voice, doesn't she?

Q: How many books have you written?
Hmmm. Almost 7! Two books for middle-grade readers (Liesl & Po and The Spindlers, which will be released this fall), and four books for teen readers.

Q: What is your favorite book that you have written?
Oh, gosh. I can't possibly pick! They all are both lovely and annoying in different ways . . . like children, I imagine. :)

Q: I want to be an author when I grow up. Any tips?
Start practicing writing every day, even if you only write a little bit. And read as much as you can!

Q: I wish that Liesl & Po would be directed by Tim Burton or Henry Selick.
Me too, trust me!

Q: Why is it that you have used the letters "L" and "P" for the characters names in both The Spindlers and Liesl and Po?
Ha! I don't know! You know I never even noticed that until you pointed it out. To be honest, I think it's because my name starts with an "L," and I've had a lot of good friends whose names begin with "P's."

Q: Why did you choose to make the main character a girl?
I didn't choose it, really. Liesl just appeared in my mind, much in the way she simply appears at the start of the book: sitting in bed in her little attic room.

Q: How did you think of making Po and Bundle come back to life at the end to say thank you to Liesl?
I don't know how I thought of it! But I knew that it must happen, and that Po and Bundle could not rest peacefully otherwise.

Q: Can you write Liesl and Po 2?!
That is so sweet! I think Liesl and Po is a very complete story so I will probably not write a sequel. However, I will certainly continue writing books for middle-grade readers.

Q: Did Lady Premiere know Henry (Liesl's Dad)?
No, except perhaps by reputation.

Q: Why is the emblem on the box a willow tree?
Because the willow tree is a very important place for Liesl and for her father; and the alchemist, when he was making the magic, must have unconsciously predicted that this is where the magic would end up. The alchemist is a mean man, but he does know his magic!

Q: How did you feel after making this book?
I felt sad but also very proud of the book, and happy I could give Liesl and her friends a happy ending.

Q: How did the world change into color again? Is it because of the magic? Or is it because Henry’s ashes are resting in peace?
Both. :)

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